The Gesellschaft für OELTECHNIK mbH was initially founded in 1953 as an engineering consultancy and it has grown into a medium-sized industrial enterprise with a production area of more than 15.000 square meters in Waghäusel Germany. It is currently employing more than 350 employees worldwide. The company is managed by two acting partners. The low employee turnover rate distinguishes the corporate identity of all employees grown during the past.


1953 foundation as an engineering consultancy
Focussed on shell and tube heat exchangers

1959 Start of production
  • of shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Expanding to lube-,seal-, and control oil systems
  • Developement of gas coolers for compressor industry
  • Added complete surface condenser systems
  • ACHEMA 2000 - exhibition of the new air cooled heat exchangers
  • Added complete surface condenser systems
1978 foundation of the first daughter company OELTECHNIK in Munster, France

2001 foundation of the daughter companies TUBETECH GmbH
and later LUFTKÜHLER GmbH in Plauen, Germany
2003 foundation of the daughter company OELTECHNIK Fluid System Co. Ltd. in Shanghai, China