Air cooler

Air-cooled heat exchanger type ZBW (Fin Fan)

The most important element of the product range is the heat transfer apparatus. In addition to these individual units, OELTECHNIK also supplies complete oil supply and condensation units.


  • Air-cooled heat exchanger
  • Rectangular bundle design with finned or bare tubes
  • Fluid: any gas or liquid
  • Used in: refineries, chemical plants, ...
  • Technological steel construction
  • API 661 Standard or customer’s specifications
  • Produced according to all national and international regulations
  • Nationally and internationally certified (China, Poland, Hungary,…)

Material combinations:

Fluid side material: CS, SS, CuNi, ...
Fin material: Al, Cu, CS, SS, ...


This arrangement, where air is pushed across the bundle, meets API 661 "forced draft".
  • Fans are easily accessible
  • Lower operating costs
  • Better thermal performance of the heat exchanger

This arrangement, where air is pulled through the bundle, meets API 661 "induced draft".
  • Provides more uniform air distribution across the bundle
  • Protection from adverse weather (direct sun-shine, hail, heavy rain, snow)

This header design, with a flanged cover-plate, meets API 661 "removable cover-plate header".
  • Highly soiled fluids with frequent tube cleaning intervals on the inside of the tubes.

This header design, with a shoulder plug opposite to each tube end, meets API 661 "plug header".
  • Fluids under high pressure on the tube side (e.g. gases). If the plug has been removed, the tubes behind it can be cleaned, re-rolled or closed.

The axial fan with driver
  • optionally available ex-proof along with ex-certification (e.g. ATEX, …)
  • driven by IEC or NEMA standard motors
    • Direct drive
    • Geared motor
    • Motor with belt drive (V-belt drive, variable speed drive)

The bonnet header with a half pipe end construction.
With clean products on the inside of the tube and/or with a low leakage requirement.