The most important element of the product range is the heat transfer apparatus. In this, heat transfer of running fluids, gases or vapours is made possible in the direction of the temperature drop.
In addition to these individual units, OELTECHNIK also supplies complete oil supply and condensation units. Finally, the production program also includes various industrial filter units and pressure vessels for various applications.
The main product range consists of solutions that optimal fit to the customers` requirements. Therefore OELTECHNIK tends to productivity, efficiency and long product life of the aggregates, components and units for our customers in order to achieve long lasting business relations.

The production facilities are equipped with the most modern technology and enable the manufacture of single pieces weighing up to 100 tonnes and with a diameter up to about 4 meters. The well-proven logistical system and spare parts service guarantees a high degree of operational readiness for all OELTECHNIK products throughout the world.