Quality management

Elements under the microscope

Defects in materials and execution, in particular in apparatus construction, can lead to dangerous risks for humans, technology and the environment. In order to eliminate such dangers, OELTECHNIK adopted the management principle of “Management by Quality” as far back as the beginning of the seventies. In addition to national and international certifications, the OELTECHNIK quality assurance system has complied with the new European standard EN 29001 (DIN ISO 9001) since September of 1992.

The Quality Assurance Handbook is the binding working document for everyone who is involved in the manufacture of the product and serves the purpose of monitoring all of the quality elements. As a result of its high quality level, OELTECHNIK works in close cooperation with international approval authorities.

The prerequisites for an optimum quality management are fulfilled at OELTECHNIK as planning, execution, documentation and monitoring combine to form an all-embracing system in which responsibilities and competence are clearly defined.

Our own destruction-free materials testing guarantees the use of perfect components and ensures a smooth execution of the various manufacturing processes within the scope of the production monitoring.