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OELTECHNIK also offers, in addition to its range of products, a comprehensive service concept. This ranges from the compilation of a quotation with thermodynamic calculation via the construction including tensile strength calculation to quality monitoring and acceptance of the project.

Please send your enquiries to our customer service.

From Consultancy to Manufacturing

OELTECHNIK makes its complete know-how available for the customer’s specific needs. Processing is accomplished by competent engineers, who, when selecting the apparatus configuration, can draw on many years of experience, whether this is in questions involving process technology, in the selection of materials or in familiarity with national and international regulations. The objective of achieving the best solution for the customer always remains in the foreground.

OELTECHNIK avails itself of the most modern computer technology. As far back as 1986, constructions were carried out using CAD systems. As a result, reaction to customers´ wishes is rapid throughout all phases of the construction process.
High product qualities at a reasonable price coupled with short and punctual delivery are objectives for which a suitable strategy has been developed.

OELTECHNIK makes use of data connection in the acquisition of materials, in production planning and in production control. It is only by doing so that the enormous logistic tasks involved in the manufacturing processes can be mastered well.
Construction and technology data are made directly available from the central processing unit to the work piece processing by means of online operating manufacturing centres. However, in addition to all of the modern technology used, man still remains the most important factor. Employees, male and female, who exhibit a high degree of responsibility in the tasks allocated to them are an indispensable component part of OELTECHNIK`s company policies.

A complete, customer-oriented solution with a high degree of economic efficiency, quality and logistics is the objective for OELTECHNIK – and we are working on it!

After Sales Service

The Gesellschaft für OELTECHNIK mbH, a manufacturer of industrial goods, develops, produces and distributes apparatus and units for process technology. The after sales service is an essential criterion for our success. Long lasting customer loyalty is evidence of the quality of our product- and customer specific services aligned with fast repairing and service performance.
Via company internal service feedback our service staff transmits customer requirements and product improvements to the responsible departments.

Independent of the service you expect, we provide:

  • Repair service within 48 hours worldwide
  • Maintenance worldwide
  • Spare parts delivery for OELTECHNIK`s products and peripheral equipment, linked to spare parts enquiry via our website
  • Customer oriented training
  • Upgrades
  • Online consulting

Spare parts service

The Gesellschaft für Oeltechnik mbH supplies complete oil supply and condensation units of first class quality. Our employees and a comprehensive logistic system enable the appropriate individual, fast and qualified service.
Please include the following information to your spare parts enquiry:
  • Contact details (incl. phone, e-mail)
  • Year of construction
  • Model
  • Serial- and spare parts number (required information)
    and send your enquiry via E-mail to our customer service